The Company

The idea for ZenDock seemed like an obvious solution to a problem encountered by nearly all MacBook users. After dropping the power cable behind the desk for the last time, the decision was made that something had to change. That's when the idea for ZenDock came to life and we began to develop a high quality product, which would eliminate fallen cables and cluttered desks. ZenDock is made from aircraft grade aluminum and houses only the highest quality cables and electronics. Zenboxx is located in the heart of San Francisco.

Cole Flournoy

The Mastermind

Having been an entrepreneur since essentially birth, Cole is always looking for the next opportunity. To name a few, he has founded Forex On The Go, LetsListen, and Zenboxx. Originally an East Coaster, Cole recently moved to San Francisco and immersed himself in the world of startups and cutting edge technology. Though spare time is virtually non existent, Cole likes to spend his time outside the office shredding the slopes in Tahoe or on the water wakeboarding.

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Kelly Flournoy

The Wonderwoman

After graduating college with an exercise science degree in a conservative east coast town, Kelly never would have pictured marrying an entrepreneur, starting several tech companies, and moving clear across the country to the California coast. Having an arsenal of experience today, it's only natural that she would have more titles than anyone - cofounder, designer, administrative, customer relations, ninja, wonderwoman and of course, office chef. Aside from being so multi-talented, she enjoys spoiling her labradoodle, Marley.

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Ali Quigley

Marketing Maverick

Coming from one of the top ad agencies in the country, Ali has quite a few marketing tricks up her sleeve. Over the last 5 years, she has mastered the art of connecting national brands to the consumers they covet most. By blurring the lines of traditional and innovative media, she understands what it takes to build a brand from the ground up. Outside of Co-Founding Zenboxx, you can catch her exploring her new city of San Francisco and loving every
minute of it.

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CAD Master

Building something from scratch has an entirely different meaning for Satheesh. With six years of mechanical engineering under his belt, he knows product design and development like the back of his hand. From conceptualization, to design refinement, pre-production, and production level design, he's mastered every aspect of the process. When he's not building 3D models in CAD and CAE, you'll find him enjoying the parks and great outdoors.

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